Sexual health refers to an extensive approach to one’s well-being that involves the four pillars of health. According to the World Health Organization, sexual health is “the integration of physical, emotional, intellectual and social aspects of sexuality in a way that positively enriches and promotes personality, communication, and love”. Sexual health must be free from any form of violence and discrimination and thus, must be safe and pleasurable.

That being said, it should respect the overall rule of a person’s physical desire, need, and satisfaction. Essential to one’s emotion that will define happiness and contentment, the feeling of being loved and acknowledged. Over the years, it has become one of the most important areas of healthcare across the globe. To mention, HIV is just one of the top most problems that are spreading to every part of the world up today which puts everyone at risk especially the young ones these days.

Teenagers usual concerns are sexual health information-seeking, sexual activity, and health risk behaviors, understanding sexual problems, prevention of unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections which they often consult to their friends and to any informal-unreliable sources which will misguide them giving inaccurate information. Therefore, it is very crucial to educate everyone especially the teenagers as early as possible so as to avoid or reduce teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.
In this regard, sexual health care team plays a big role in spreading awareness and as the primary support to a successful movement. However, it should start at home. Parents being the principal educators should be the first people to mention it to their children because it’s where ultimate learning with love, care, and patience sets in.

As they grow, their sense of responsibility will start to develop and see things clearly of what you have taught them and what you wanted them to understand. So by the time they are set to go to school, they will carry that knowledge with pride and dignity. Not only directing the issue to the new generation, but to each and every one as this is bind to human rights such as the right to equality, privacy, freedom and to be free from viciousness. In general, sexual relationships should make one feel respected and protected at all times. Furthermore, it brings a sense of commitment.